About Hantie Bensch

Designing since 1999.

I started in IBM Sandton’s Proposal and Desk Top Publishing department. After my son was born I  started working in AT&T Sales and Marketing office.

After that, I freelanced with various Printing Companies, mainly doing designs and getting them “print ready”. Started experimenting on website design in 2008.

Now I have the skills to do Logo design, stationary design, flyers, pamphlets, websites, WordPress, social media marketing etc. …..

                               What I found is most important in this line of business is…
                                                                            CORPORATE IMAGE!

We believe that every business owner should be proud to build their Corporate Identity, to make their brand or company name known. We cater for companies big and small because we all started off small.

To create a Corporate Identity Manual, wheteher 2 or 50 pages, it’s part of what we as a company are passionate about. Your Corporate Identity is one of the most important asset’s you own, and we can assist you to bring the best forth in your brand, from professional Business Cards, Interactive Website design, flowing Powerpoint Presentations, Proposals to Flyers.

We will assist you to maintain a high standard, and to

keep on ….

                                                            LOOKING PROFESSIONAL!

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